2 Things You Can Do To Keep Plants Happy in an Office Business

Plants bring life to spaces by adding a natural element to the hard lines of most furniture and decor. Many plants have the ability to filter the air and provide additional oxygen while reducing stress. Here are some things you can do to optimize the growth of the plants you want to have near your desk or in other areas of your workplace.

Check the Lighting Conditions

Plants have to have some sort of light to thrive, so if you’re in a space with no windows you may need to rely on fake plants to get you through the day. If you do have windows in your office, it can be helpful to determine how much light is available in different areas. Office equipment Staten Island can take up a lot of space, so you need to work around the printers and filing cabinets or see if you can keep them in the darker corners. Indoor plants have a variety of light needs so you need to choose plants that can handle full sun or low light conditions.

Water As Needed

Each plant has unique watering needs to stay alive and healthy. The best way to determine if a plant needs water is to stick your finger into the soil so you can feel if it’s wet about 2 inches down. If it’s still wet, the plant is good, if not, it needs water. Thorough watering in the sink can ensure the entire root ball is soaked. Let it drain before placing it back in the office. Don’t let water stagnate in plastic dishes so you can prevent root rot.

With those two things taken care of, the plants in your office can be healthy and thrive. The addition of plants can add beauty and peace to your daily work space.


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