4 Tips to Encourage Employees to Comply with Compliance Programs

Compliance training can have a long-term influence on learners provided the content is created around a scenario. For this reason,True Office Learning online compliance training programs should be engaging to help employees internalize and apply the content. While there’s no escaping the complicated and lengthy nature of compliance training material, they are compulsory to conduct more so in the highly-regulated industries.

Even then, you’ll need to avoid throwing learners dry concepts like sets of guidelines or dos and don’ts that they should follow. But in following the below tips, you can encourage your workforce to comply.

Offer Flexibility to Your Employees

Instead of making the completion of the organization’s compliance training by True Office Learning a “mandatory course that must be completed in a fixed period, provide your employees with some flexibility. By choosing to offer online training, you will easily give control to your learners. And this will encourage them to learn at their own pace and when and where they want to. With this flexibility, employees can start their compliance training when they are ready to learn instead of when the course feels forced on them.

Use Innovative Formats                             

Consider adopting modern formats for presenting your courses. Also, eliminate the traditional eLearning program designs that require learners to laboriously read through high volumes of content. In its place, go for more innovative approaches that increase employee engagement quotient manifold. Here are some approaches you could adopt for your course:

  • Scenario-based.
  • Partial gamification.
  • Storytorials (Story-based)
  • Personalizing learner experience: you can do this through the use of “avatars” that learners can relate to thus conveying the message on your compliance training effectively.

Use Current Learning Trends To Engage Learners.

Today, you can easily incorporate social learning and microlearning into your compliance training strategy. Consider also using a bite-sized, innovative format of microlearning to effectively share your message. Another option would be including social learning to help build communities of compliance practices that help drive the necessary behavioral change. You can also, take microlearning and gamification approaches to make your organization’s compliance courses more engaging.

Continue Engaging Learners After The Training.

Offer reinforcement after learners have completed the formal training by use of bite-sized Performance Support Tools that employees can access from their smartphones. In doing so, you’ll help them retain the content learned thus increasing the likelihood of them applying it. Again, you could use this approach to highlight consequences, update specific features, discuss consequences (using real-life examples or case studies), and practice sessions.

In summary, the tips above are meant to offer you ideas that help enrich your compliance training strategy thus increasing engagement with learners. In making your compliance course flexible, you’ll give employees the freedom to schedule their own time when they can do the training which can make the course engaging and fun.

You should take into account the aspects discussed above if you want to effectively engage your employees with the company compliance mandate while instilling the spirit of meeting the terms of the compliance training.

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