5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

Special offers and discounts are one of the most eye-pleasing things for shoppers. From coupons to free trials and rebates, customers start to get crazy with the amount of money they can save. These are only a few popular sales promotions you can see at your favorite stores, which work well in catching customer attention.

Sales promotion has a significant impact with regards to customer’s purchasing power. This strategy is highly effective in encouraging shoppers to purchase or at least check on the particular product’s information. However, with the increasing competition in the marketing industry, everyone is getting creative with their ways and tools to stand out. 

Fortunately, SOLUM has come up with its exquisitely designed marketing tool: Newton.

Unlike your ordinary shelf label that can get handy in price-changing, Newton’s ESL wireless communication is designed to make everything about shopping much more convenient. Aside from creating a better and more comfortable way of creating promo posters for your store, this electronic shelf label offers a new level of performance to establish a revolutionary change in the ESL market.

Newton is composed of seven custom pages with 12 different sizes to choose your ideal label size. Furthermore, compromising is not a thing with Newton with its build-in multicolor LED light that can support seven different colors while projecting bright light that is visible up to 180 degrees. These LED lights provide your staff and customers a lot easier to indicate and find a specific product.

Newton also has two buttons programmed to provide the following user-interactive function:

  • Switch Page
  • Low Stock Report
  • Request Service Help
  • Send System Report

Its self-checkout system has made it more intriguing as it lets you conduct mobile payment or even have access to a product information page and more.

Learn more about the best ways to stand out and how Newton can help you with your sales promotions on this infographic from SOLUM.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

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