Today, perhaps China is the only country in the world selling more manufactured goods as compared to any other country. Therefore, often China has been known as the ‘World’s Factory,’ and this manufacturing sector is driving the economy of this country. 

China has become the most important manufacturer of various industrial products because of its low cost. Therefore, if you want to make your business cost-effective, you must look for certain sourcing companies in China.

However, the biggest hindrance to source from China is the language barrier and their mixed business practices. These issues often prove to be a big hurdle for most foreign buyers, despite the availability of a huge variety of products. It is here when a sourcing office in China can greatly benefit you.

A few things to know while dealing with a Chinese company

There are few things to know when you consider sourcing any product from China:

  • If you try to do an internet search from your country, for suppliers of Alibaba, you just cannot do it.
  • Each supplier is provided with 1 to 3 hours/day on supplier sourcing.

This time you can make use of:

  • Identifying any new suppliers that may offer your desired products at the right quality and price
  • To develop new products with these suppliers
  • To make communication and manage your customer-supplier relationship 

If you fail to manage your business in this manner then you must consider any China sourcing company as a third-party sourcing agent so that he can help you to do business in China.

The following are the things that you must consider while selecting your China sourcing office:

Location of your sourcing agent

You must try to find the location of the agent. If it is a foreign-based company having an office in China then it will be more preferable.


Ensure that the agent has sufficient experience. 

Check for references

Better to get a reference from someone who is already doing business in China.

Get all the required documentation

Make sure to collect all documentary evidence and information about your agent. 

Check how they will deal with quality issues

While dealing with any Chinese company, quality is the primary issue. Check how the agent can address this issue.  

Necessary license

All these agents have necessary license and make sure to check that.

Check their language proficiency

Make sure that the agent is fluent in both Mandarin and English language. 

Expertise in your product 

You need to ensure that the agent whom you are considering has enough knowledge about the product that you are looking forward to source from China.

Check his ethics

It is very important to know about the business ethics of the agent that you have short-listed. Most of them take kickbacks and their supply quality can often be doubtful. 

If you are seriously considering sourcing your products from China, then finding the right sourcing agent will be your stepping stone, without which it is impossible to source any product from China.