A Guide To Choosing The Right Mannequin

Mannequins are the most popular presentation tool to demonstrate the arrangement of the garment in a store. They are used to highlight the exclusive collections of the store and make a visual appeal in the market. 

So here’s to the many benefits of mannequins and how to choose the right one for your store: 

  • Types of the mannequin: With a wide selection of mannequins available in the market, make sure you choose the one that meets your specific business needs:


  • Realistic Mannequins: As compared to other types, realistic mannequins boasts clearly defined and sharp facial features. Such mannequins come in a wide range of skin tones, shapes and sizes, facial features, and style poses. 



  • Semi-realistic Mannequins: Similar to realistic mannequins, the semi-realistic mannequin is an ideal choice for small retailers. They are sized according to average human dimensions, and their heads are covered with stitched hair that can’t be changed, replaced or restyled. 



  • Headless Mannequins: Headless Mannequin is the perfect option for displays that have a limited height of ceilings. Crafted with fiberglass, these mannequins are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, and poses, depending on the display requirements. Also, their fiberglass construction ensures better fit, durability, and appearance.



  • Abstract Mannequins: Known for intricate detailing and perfect finish, the abstract mannequins are the first choice for elite stores and displays. These boast highly defined facial features, makeup, and hairstyling, which makes them the best. 


Tips for choosing the right mannequin: A right pair of mannequins in your apparel store can attract new customers and generate more sales. Therefore, it’s important to consider the following tips:


  • Cost: Cost factor matters a lot! It’s also advisable to choose the mannequins that fit into your budget, meet your requirements, and ensure maximum durability. 



  • Materials: Depending on your display need, choose a hard-shell body or soft-shell body mannequins. 



  • Customers: It is important to consider who your customers are and how your mannequins will attract their interest. For example, if you are selling clothes to plus-sized women, buy the plus-sized mannequins.


  • Accommodation: Typically, mannequins are placed in a store window, in a display or on the raised display platform. Therefore, the place where your mannequins will be placed will help you determine their right size. 


Mannequins can add an aura of sophistication and elegance to your apparel store. To buy one today, explore the exquisite collection of Mannequin vitrine Displetech and outshine your store the right way. 


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