Attracting Tomorrow’s Top Talent

Every business owner understands that it’s the employees that can truly make a difference in their company’s success. Especially in the absence of ample resources and large marketing budgets, finding the right workers becomes all the more vital. Retaining adept and dedicated professionals are crucial for developing solid relationships with customers and clients. However, in order to attract the right talent, employers must be willing to offer much more than a living wage. A respectable salary and benefits package is important, but it is far from being the only deciding factor when attracting future team members. This is particularly true of the next wave of young professionals.

Like each generation, millennials and younger generations have a different set of priorities when compared to their predecessors. Companies who want happy employees need to take this into mind. Besides the obvious perks, employers must be willing to think outside the box and provide creative benefits that accommodate to the younger generation’s wants and needs.

For instance, today’s young professionals are increasingly aware of work/life balance and wellness than most individuals. To help them manage their stress and find more gratification in the workday, some businesses provide on-site health services and/or in-house yoga. These benefits offer employees an opportunity to avoid burnout and feel more energized.

There is no denying how essential employees are in growing your company, especially gifted ones. Therefore, it’s important to consider what measures your business is taking to attract the next generation of top talent. Take a look through the accompanying infographic for more creative and unique benefits your company could provide.

Infographic provided by The Jacobson Group

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