If you are looking for a freight forwarder, you will need to consider a lot of things. There are different types of freight forwarding industries available in the market. Thus, you may want to make a choice accordingly. Experts have often suggested opting f”<or a small independent freight forwarder over a multinational one.

But why? Well, while most people consider it is about preferences, it is not. Therefore, the reasons are because they can help your business grow in no time.

Who is an independent freight forwarder?

The multinational freight forwarders may help to get your job done easily, but then it can prove to be extremely useful. The independent freight forwarder is not multinational or global freight forwarders. The independent freight forwarder doesn’t have their own office around the world. Instead, they work in association with agents and partners. These eventually help them to get the business done entirely.

If you are considering working with an independent freight forwarder, know that they can prove to be extremely beneficial. Some of the prominent benefits of working with an independent freight forwarder include the following


It may often become impossible for the multinational or international freight forwarder to work in association with others. However, these independent freight forwarders are free to adjust and are extremely flexible. As a result, they can meet your daily requirements in no time. Moreover, the independent freight forwarders can easily adjust to ensure better service to the clients.

Personalized service

You may expect custom service but don’t know how you would get one? It is pretty easy to get with the independent freight forwarder. Also, when you work with an independent freight forwarder, you can expect the best service because you get the option of personalized one-to-one interaction. Also, they can help to solve your daily stress and pay attention to your problems effectively.


The multinational freight forwarders aren’t as flexible as you want them to be. They have limited connections to the ocean, air, and land network. However, with an independent freight forwarder, you can get the option of getting in touch with more than one network, and they will ensure to pick out the best route and price combination. Also, they can easily change their business working according to the requirements of importer and exporter, thereby providing the best service.

No matter what you choose, you need to ensure that your problem gets solved easily. The Clearit customs clearance can eventually help you get your job done in no time so that you may consider it.