Building a Successful Community through Employee Experience Platform, Albert

Creating an effective community for the organization is a pretty tough task. Albert web management system is a prominent employee experience tool that can integrate and engage a company’s whole community. The system smoothly creates and distributes the content to the workers. This employee experience tool can also increase internal communication and through industry-specific news, it can make the employee highly skillful.

Managing Content, Performance Analysis, and Optimization

Content distribution and management include planning and managing the delivery schedule followed by creating, duplicating, and deleting the content. Albert’s employee experience tool can efficiently create and manage the content, add and assign user accounts, then structure user groups based on purpose. Performance analysis and optimization is a major demand for company success which is analyzed by Albert. The system can resolve the impact of employee engagement in real-time and prolong particular modules if needed.

Employee Content Distribution

Albert uses a content performance dashboard and through 10 minutes per day, everyday approach, they make it possible to streamline employee engagement. They assure the community’s undisrupted and even communication. Besides, they keep the employee’s attention on track and help them accessing to creative and interactive content.  To extend employee’s knowledge, content creation on industry news, seasonal services, and products is an important parameter. Albert fetches improvement on employee’s consciousness of industry trends and acquirements of new skills through updated content.

Measuring Employee Performance

Albert’s web management system operates an analytical dashboard that can track employee performance. The dashboard digitalizes automatically captured user behaviors that help management to realize employee participation and propensity level. To make the work facile, the system can filter and customize the data of individuals, user groups, countries, and regions.

Albert Ecosystem Management System

There is two distinct part of Albert employee experience tool. In the first part, the owner will get all the default tools and options essential for content distribution, user posting, and feedback, rankings, etc. The other part contains a content manager, analytics dashboards for tracking employee performance. The directorial view allows for the smooth management of content and user via CMS. The dashboard shows the error over each user with their published content and resembling metrics and insights. In such a way, the Albert ecosystem assists managers to track employee performance more effectively and efficiently.

Albert Digitalizes Employee Attitude and Unity

The analytical dashboards of Albert’s employee management system offer user propensity rate, quiz answer and conquest rate, global ranking, consumed time on the app, estimation of connected days number, the point gained by each user, comments, and most liked content. Employee experience and performance are important to scale up a business. So, cognition of the advantages with Albert’s extensive workforce performance dashboard will clarify the employee’s needs. Their innovative software also assists managers to know the fragmented data to advance employee engagement, participation, and motivation in their industrial functions. Confidence of managers in employee management can prevent losing star employees to competitors. As the Albert employee management system can aggregate and customize the reports of employee performance by different categories, managers can potentially support and compensate them in the way they deserve.

Albert also offers short training activities through mobile learning technology. An employee can access different types of content from their smartphones that develop information recall. The training depends on equity, sound, and text to successfully transmit knowledge.

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