Common Mistakes to Avoid in Personal Injury Claim in Union City 

Many times, due to the negligence of others, you have to suffer the consequences in the form of personal injuries. Personal injuries are very detrimental because, without any fault of yours, you would suffer pain and would have to stay in hospital for a few weeks. You would also lose on the working days of your job and the medical expenses will aggravate the issue. 

The pain will extend its vicious limbs to your family members as well because they too will have their mental wellbeing hampered by the ills that you undergo. In such a case, you have the legal right to sue the person whose negligence, the injuries have been occasioned. If you want a Union City personal injury attorneythen Anthony Carbone got you covered. 

At the law office of Anthony Carbone, all the needs of the clients are treated as a priority. The firm has extensive experience in dealing with legal issues revolving around family law, criminal law and personal injuries. Engaging them in the legal battle will pave the way for a very smooth trial and quick recovery of damages. 

Common mistakes made during claiming for personal injuries

There are many mistakes that people make while claiming for personal injuries. Here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid to successfully claim for personal injury:

  1. Failing to see the doctor right away- in the event of a serious injury such as a broken bone or an accident, you will inevitably rush to a doctor but in cases of relatively minor injuries, we often skip dropping a visit to the doctor right away. This is a mistake because the symptoms might be invisible at that instant. 
  2. Failing to follow a treatment plan – this point is equally crucial to the previous one. If you fail to follow the prescribed regimen by the doctor, then the insurance company will argue that since you failed to follow the regimen, hence you did not attempt to mitigate the injuries. Thus, you do not deserve full compensation in the form of damages. 


One thing that can make or break the legal battle is the choice of the attorney, choosing the right attorney will give you an edge and increase the likelihood of winning the case because an experienced personal injury attorney has already dealt with a diversity of cases. This experience will be of great value in your case. 

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