Common Web Designs Trends That Will Carry Over in 2021 and How the Digital Marketing Agency VA can Help

Web design isn’t only about making the website look beautiful. It’s also about making it more functional and easier to navigate. This year, more people have used the Internet due to the pandemic. Everyone relied on the Internet for almost all transactions. Since there are quarantine measures in various locations, people have no choice but to stay at home and order everything online. It meant that for businesses, having a strong digital marketing campaign is crucial. Improving web design is part of it. If you’re among them, you need to pay more attention to web design trends. Some of them might even be bigger in 2021. The good thing is that if you are working with experts such as the digital marketing agency VA, you won’t have an issue. You will know what to do to boost your website and attract more potential visitors.

Use of bold colors

Gone were the days when websites have to use neutral colors only. More people are becoming bolder in using colors to attract more visitors. The problem with bolder colors is that they tend to be divisive. Some people like them, while others don’t. Hence, safe colors are usually chosen for websites. The truth is that when used correctly, bright and bold colors can be appealing. Contrast should also be taken into consideration in designing a website.

Presence of white space

The minimalistic approach is also going to stay popular in 2021. There was a time when people were afraid to have white space on the website. They thought it would be a sign of not having enough information to put into the website. The truth is that white space is essential in giving visitors a break. Given the information to get online, they couldn’t keep up if there’s no visual pause. Also, when placed in strategic locations, white space can help increase the conversion rate. For instance, you can illuminate the other elements close to the call to action button. The contrast of the button where the white space will help more people decide to click it and take the next step.

Creation of a different site for blogs

Since Google values content, websites should have quality and fresh information all the time. It helps increase the page’s ranking and search engines. The problem is that there could be too many articles on a website, and visitors will feel confused. Instead of dumping everything on the same page, there can be a different website for these blogs. These blogs can give more information about what the company offers for people who want to know more information about topics related to what the company offers. Again, the primary page should be minimal and not overwhelmed with information.

Removal of stock images 

Apart from the visual elements of design, people are also worried about copyright infringement. Hence, it’s safer to use original ideas only. Since stock images can be used without a potential legal problem, more websites depended on them. The problem with stock images is that they don’t present any added value. People couldn’t relate to the images they see, especially if they are not representative of the target audiences. The key is to let go of stock images and use original pictures. They’re easier to use and are relatable. More people may decide to buy the products because they can see themselves in the pictures’ models.

Voice capable interfaces

The popularity of voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa made voice capable interfaces a staple in every website. It should be easier for people to find what they want without typing anything. It also changes the game for search engine optimization. Back then, we only consider optimizing keywords that people might type when looking for information. These days, shorter phrases wouldn’t cut it. Some people use complete sentences when looking for information using voice technology. They also ask for specific details. Hence, the approach should differ so that the website can target the right keywords when searched using voice technology.

Asymmetrical design

There’s beauty in symmetry. It’s easier to browse the information if everything looks the same and easy to follow. However, as a battery started to become a trend in love design. The size of the images and other content are no longer uniform. Despite that, the website still looks good and easy to navigate. Given the experiment’s success on the use of asymmetrical design, it will probably continue until 2021.

Mobile device compatibility 

Perhaps, the most important design aspect of working on is its compatibility when opened on mobile devices. More people use their phones to search for information or purchase items online. They no longer have time to go back to their computers and open a website. Since smartphones are more advanced and easier to use, more than half of the general population rely on their mobile phones for almost all transactions online. It means that websites that are not friendly for mobile devices will probably be behind the game. Even Google announced that it would prioritize websites that work well on mobile devices. If there are issues with your website won’t open using a mobile device, it should be changed right away. Otherwise, it will hurt the popularity of the business moving forward.

There will be more trends that will carry over in 2021. The point is that you need to stay updated and try these changes to improve your page. You want to maximize the chance of attracting more people to come and see your website. Once they’re already there, the next step is to convince them to buy the products you offer. If you have a quality website that is also easy to navigate, it’s more enticing for these visitors. Otherwise, they will look for other options that can provide them with the same services. Asking experts to do the job and letting them analyze what else your business needs would be useful in this endeavor.

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