Comparing different TV wall mounts: Things to know!

What can be a better way to watch your favorite TV shows and Netflix originals than mounting your flat screen TV on the wall? Most homeowners like to have their TV fixed to a wall. Not only this helps in having an enhanced viewing experience, but it also makes the most of available wall space, even in small homes. To get that done, you obviously need a mount, and there are quite many options to consider. For instance, you can check for PrimeCables wall mounts, for different requirements and for specific needs of your television. In this post, we are reviewing varied TV wall mounts and things you must know before buying.

Types of TV wall mounts

There are categories in TV wall mounts that you may want to review. The first one is called a fixed mount, which is the cheapest of the lot. As the name indicates, your TV will be fixed in one place, so there is no way you can shift or change the viewing angles. If you have a smaller budget, or a small home with limited space, fixed mounts may just suffice.

The second one is a tilting wall mount, where the screen can be adjusted vertically to get the right viewing angle. These are super easy to mount and don’t have to cost a lot either. Note that titling wall mounts are designed to move vertically only.

The third choice is a full-motion TV wall mount, which can be moved both horizontally and vertically. You can choose to use these mounts to change the viewing angles in whatever way you want. These are expensive, but an ideal choice for most screens and TVs.

Things to consider

  1. Remember that you will only buy a TV wall mount once. If you have spent huge on a big screen, your mount needs to full-articulating, so that you can have the best viewing experience.
  2. Check the size details. Some TV wall mounts are best suited for larger televisions, while others are ideal for smaller models. Just check the size details and recommendations before buying.
  3. Consider durability. DO NOT buy a cheap mount. The last thing you would want is a broken TV or intrinsically safe tablet, because the mount was incapable of holding its weight. Get a mount that’s meant to least.

Lastly, do consider installation, which may need professional assistance, especially with full-articulating TV wall mounts. For best deals, check the online stores!


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