Employee Advocacy – Global Reach For Company, And Brand Value Promotion

How To Encourage Employee Advocacy On Social Media

Social media platforms are booming today. Approximately 3 billion people from the world over are on social media platforms. Kids to grandparents are on social media platforms. Social media has become a way of life. WhatsApp, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Twitter are some of the social media platforms. The platforms can be used personally and leveraged for professional use. There are no restrictions. A person is odd when not on social media. Company and Brand value promoted by its employees on social media platforms is called Employee Advocacy. Companies leverage their employee strength and employee presence on social media to advocate it’s brand. Employee advocacy is a smart way to promote a company and brand value that too without any cost.

Content sharing, a benefit of social media platforms. Reach is across the globe. It happens in quick time. Company brand loyalty, brand recognition, and brand visibility get a boost with employee advocacy. Employee advocacy also helps in spreading awareness about the company among family members and friends. A strong marketing foundation is laid by employee advocacy. Employee advocacy promotes a sense of ownership and leadership in the employee.

A working person usually spends a couple of hours on social media every day. Imagine if you put the majority of company employees as advocates. Imagine the reach they will have. The brand leads promotion via employee advocacy is seven times greater than regular brand leads promotion. Content sharing increases by eight times through employee advocacy than content sharing by normal brand channels. An internet user has close to seven accounts on social media platforms. Greater than 65% of the people say they prefer to purchase items promoted via social media. More than 90% of users use mobile platforms for social media.

Employee advocacy directly benefits marketing, sales, and HR departments. Cost is one-tenth of the cost incurred by the company to promote brand value through advertising channels. Peer-to-peer and word-of-mouth referrals are four times greater than paid media. HR department benefits a lot through employee advocacy. 47% of employees hired through referrals are sticking longer and have greater job satisfaction. Social media is considered a better job search resource. Job advertising, job boards, recruitment events, and recruiting agencies rank lower.

Employee advocacy has a lot of benefits for the employee. Incentive payment to those who actively participate. Career growth prospects increase as an employee gets a sense of ownership and leadership. He/She feels belongingness to the company. Transparency promotion happens. Autonomy fostering and open culture develop. It builds trust and loyalty among employees. Closed-door culture gets eliminated.
The advantages of employee advocacy are employee engagement, responsibility, increase inefficiency. Marketability and sales increase. Connections, networks are built. Potential candidates and customer attraction take place. Recruitment gets a boost as people trust employees better than the organization.

Employee advocacy to succeed needs higher management backing and promotion. The management needs to keep the employee engagement by offering higher incentives to employees who actively participate. The latest tools need usage and regular up-gradation. Tracking of statistics and progress of the employee advocacy function takes place.

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