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Extremely strict guidelines for food handling, testing, and sanitation have been established by the Food Safety Modernization Act. Maintaining a high quality of sanitization for the cheese and dairy industries’ products is more crucial than ever.

That calls for maintaining a clean environment across your operation including your processing equipment.

That is the reason you need a suitable pallet inverter for changing your product from a wooden pallet to be transferred to a certain plastic pallet that is not subject to any rot and bacterial infestation. Top Industries Inc. can design such equipment based on your process.

There are several other solutions available for these industries to maintain the process requirements as per the necessary guidelines. Here are a few solutions briefly mentioned below.

1.      Plastic pallets

The wooden pallets fall short in comparison to the plastic ones. These pallets are long-lasting, require little cleaning time, and are rot-resistant.

The cheese and dairy industries can benefit from the clean, hygienic solution provided by plastic pallets. It is clear why plastic pallets are the product of choice for many establishments when you weigh the advantages of the fact that these items are made using FDA-compliant materials.

2.      Stainless steel pallet inverters

Pallet inverters must have reliable balance and range in the cheese and dairy sectors. Stainless Steel Pallet Inverters have been built to satisfy both requirements.

Compared to devices with a single clamping plate, this inverter has a wider operating range. This inverter is a well-liked option for these plants since it can move both low and tall loads. Push-button pendant control and a few other practical features are advantages of such a pallet inverter for facilities.

3.      Lift tables

The movement to boost staff productivity is more powerful than ever before, which will benefit your facility’s output. With the proper lifting tables in place, handling products in the dairy business is easier and more productive.

In the cheese and dairy industries, lifting tables are an essential piece of equipment. They offer the room and structure necessary for efficiently managing the contents of boxes, totes, or bins.

4.      Stretch wrappers

The most cutting-edge dairy and cheese equipment solutions offer significant advantages for all areas of your business operations. Stretch wrappers of the highest calibre are offered for your commercial requirements.

One crucial phase in your operation is wrapping the merchandise and pallets. The many patterns and styles highlight the most recent advancements in stretch wrapping technology.

Savings go hand in hand with innovation, and these devices’ integration can help you save thousands of dollars over more conventional techniques.

These stretch wrappers assist facilities balance loads, lessen or completely eliminate product damage, and save money.

5.      Pallet washers

Cleanliness and the potential for infection are always in our minds while handling cheese and dairy products.

The stainless-steel construction helps reduce the possibility of contamination, making these pallet washers the favoured option in the food industry. Pallets, totes, containers, and freezer spacers are all cleaned by pallet washers, among other crucial jobs.

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