Everybody today knows how to keep the food stored for days. Commercial refrigeration is the refrigeration of food items so that they can be stored and consumed later. With the advancement of stanhope seta in high-tech refrigerators comes better performance. Therefore, commercial refrigeration is used for numerous purposes right from meat butchery, wine shop to catering to other food businesses. To keep the food unspoiled, the primary principle that commercial refrigeration works on is removing the heat from the food products. In this regard, companies like FrigoMan make sure that you get the best cooling equipment for all your products.  

  1. Commercial Merchandiser

These types of commercial refrigerators are largely found in the regular food and beverage shops that you run into which apart from accommodating several bottles and cans, have great designs too. The display of this refrigeration system has a front ventilation system with sliding glass doors. What happens here is that the retailers play with the minds of the people making them believe that the products displayed are going to expire soon which makes the customers buy relatively more items.

  1. Commercial Bar

This is appealing as well as an efficient system of arranging different drinks. The workers, thus, are easily able to arrange the bottles and the customers too can see what is left, with ease. It is designed in a way that there is not just front ventilation but different drinks can be stored together easily.

  1. The Mini Reach In

This is something every commercial kitchen would benefit from. With almost all the functions of a classic refrigerator, this one is smaller but more convenient. It can be put to use as a freezer that can move around easily and the top of the unit can be used as a preparation table too.

  1. Ultimate Station

This is the best for the sandwich bar food station or pizzeria. It can be used as a kitchen table at big working spaces and the needed ingredients can be refrigerated below at the wire shelves at the same time. Although these types of refrigerators do not come with front ventilation, they do come with a great temperature range.


Commercial refrigerators today come in several types and vibrant designs for display. Some are used for food storage and display while some for bar purposes. Despite this, all work on one common principle of keeping your edibles and perishables fresh and long-lasting.