Have You Heard of RankBrain?

Search engines evolve with the internet as time goes on. The algorithms and SEO practices that were valid even a few years ago do not apply much these days. Anyone who has worked with SEO at some point is well aware that the strategies involved change all the time. You must adjust as things change or else you risk being left behind and losing keywords, ranking, etc.

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While there are still a large number of factors that go into your search engine ranking, RankBrain is one that you should really consider. RankBrain is Google’s third-highest ranking factor to date. It is an AI that is designed to help people locate content pertaining to the keywords they have used in their search.

When you type a keyword in, RankBrain will search through every piece of content that relates even remotely to that topic. It will then determine the ranking of each of those pieces of content based on how close they fit with the chosen keyword. The higher you rank with that keyword, the more likely you will be discovered.

RankBrain Talks to Google’s Spider Bots

Spider bots are sent out to look through websites and determine their relevance and navigability. RankBrain tells these spiders where to look and what to look for. The spiders can only do so much. It is the AI that determines whether a website is legitimately useful or full of stuffed keywords. If your website is found to be stuff full of keywords by RankBrain, you will get blacklisted. NONE of your content will show up on Google search result pages ever again.

This is why we need to balance our use of keywords. You must include them enough for RankBrain to notice them, but not include so many that RankBrain views you as a malicious or meaningless website.

Keep updated with RankBrain and how its algorithms work. This will help you remain on top in the ranking world, so long as you keep up with everything else too! 

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