Are you a brand associated with visuals that require to be displayed to relevant people in order to generate leads and get clients? Well, that is what large format printing by Enseignes AGS is all about. Offline display advertising is one of the most creative ways of engaging with your audience – but only if you play your cards right. With such large displays, you need to place the right sign and the right places to generate the engagement you’re looking for.

Different types of large format prints include:

1) Banners and Retractable Banners 

This is something that we are all familiar with. If you plan on utilizing the same ad space for a long time then you will need a banner, whereas retractable banner works for displays that are less frequent and constantly taken from place to place.

2) Floor Graphics and Wall Graphics 

What makes you turn your head around? That quirky display on a wall or the random advertisement you came across literally on the road while walking. These are the types of displays that are made on existing places and have to be chosen keeping in mind whether your target audience will visit the place.

3) Vehicle Graphics

Are you the type of brand that is looking for a mobile advertisement that literally goes places? Well, with having your graphics displayed on private vehicles, public transport, etc. you can generate a great amount of engagement with all the people using these methods of commute. Ad placement matters a lot.

4) Standees and Posters

We are all familiar with the display standees that we come across on any trip outside for shopping. Through standees and posters, you can advertise about upcoming sales, discounts, offers and much more. You can make them interactive by adding a QR code to avail exciting offers and mention your social media handles to claim rewards. The main purpose is to redirect the potential customer to your actual business.

5) Signs, Trade Show Displays and More

The sign outside your shop speaks a great deal about your business without requiring the people to step in. So, it is of essence that you make it appealing and informative at the same time. Check out what similar businesses have placed outside their shops and take inspiration.

Your display speaks a lot about you; make sure it is worth appreciating, with the right call to action.


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