How Do You Keep Your Misters from Clogging?

Like with electrical equipment and appliances, the best way you can lengthen your Bosstek misting system life is through proper maintenance. While your provider will offer service checks, note that it’s your responsibility to maintain and check your misting system to make sure it’s in top working condition.

However, one of the notable complaints about misting systems is clogging.  Misting systems have nozzles with the smallest openings that make water emerge as a fine mist instead of a water stream. Even then, these small openings are particularly susceptible to clogging, more so if you use hard water. Fortunately, over time the maintenance of misters has become much easier. And today, misting systems can be easy to maintain provided you follow simple preventative care.

4 Best Tips for Maintaining Your Misting System

Here are four best tips that will help you keep your misters in top working condition:

Inspect Lines and Fittings for Leaks

Check that your misters’ lines and fittings are in top working condition. When you detect a leak, have it fixed at once or you can replace it with newer parts to make sure the system has optimal performance.

Clean the Mister’s Nozzles

Cleaning the misting system lines is important because dust and dirt can collect over time in the nozzles. Due to this, the performance of the systems will be lowered resulting in a low quality of mist. For that reason, it’s advisable that you clean the nozzles frequently to ensure they don’t get dirty and clogged. To clean the nozzles, start by removing them from the misting system and place them in a solution made by dissolving minerals. The solution can be bought in hardware stores. Alternatively, you can opt for the cleanable misting nozzles. The cleanable misting nozzles have a fog pin that makes cleaning a lot easier and it lets you put back the clogged nozzle in service with no delays.

Maintain Your System Pump

Regardless of whether you have high pressure or mid pressure systems, it’s important that you keep your misting pump in top condition. And that means changing the filters but if it’s the oil-based ones, making sure the oil is changed frequently. When changing the oil, first remove the oil cap then drain off the old oil. After it’s properly drained, refill the pump with new oil.

Monitor for Temperature damage

This point is important if your water mist nozzle runs in a location with temperatures above the rated temperature over a long period, it can cause damage because of high temperatures. Some of the damages may include deformation of your water mist nozzle or the spray shape deformation. Furthermore, you will need to check valves, switches, and regulators to make sure that your pump operates properly and produces high-quality mist.

In summary, a misting system can be a great way of staying cool and making your outdoors much more appealing. So, to keep them working perfectly and for longer, you must maintain them frequently by following preventive care.

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