How Inchcape is Revolutionizing the Shipping Agency business

Inchcape Shipping Company offers extensive services that facilitate customer’s ease to move products from one port to another. Through its extensive connectivity throughout the country, the company reach all potential customers. Moreover, the success of the company is propelled by CEO Frank Olsen

Transformative and charismatic leadership from CEO Olsen has made the company reach more than 68 countries across the globe and with 240 office networks in these countries. Excellent connectivity is the leading market differentiator, according to CEO Olsen. Inchcape Shipping Services Company offers coverage to more than 2,500 ports in the world through its agencies. The company is making great and tremendous progress in its activities; for example, the company has unique and unmatched shipping services. Although the company works with more diversified and deep logistics agencies, its service delivery is proven hence its success.

CEO Olsen believes the only thing that makes the shipping services market become fragmented and left to the small players it is because of a lack of trust in the industry. Market fragmentation may have adverse effects such as low returns, and the company may not come to the full realization of its objectives. Therefore, through its CEO Olsen, the company has initiated a transparent program that will see the company win more customers through trust. Meaningful relationships play a significant role in improving customer experience, which calls for effective collaboration between the operators and agents across the world in the shipping services industry.

To avoid the aspects of decarbonization Inchcape Shipping Services Company is on the forefront to demonstrate that it is a transparent, trustworthy and valuable partner to its respective customers in the world. Additionally, integrity will help achieve trust and improve the customer’s perception of the services the company is offering. It is the noblest thing in the service industry because customers need to feel valued and appreciated. Through this gesture, the rate of market fragmentation will surge to a substantive percentage. If the rates decline then the company will come to the full realization of its goals. Trust, integrity and transparency is the corporate culture of Inchcape Shipping Services Company under CEO Olsen.

Technology is an essential entity towards the success of every business and just like other corporates Inchcape Shipping Company is incorporating technology to its service delivery. They equip shipping agent with a digital database for very port, which lower the chances of demurrage charges due to late delivery. Every shipping agent will access the digital database on port and ship information through a subscription model. The use of digital technology has improved customer service delivery, especially the hard times the countries are experiencing great economic hit from Covid-19 pandemic. During this pandemic, Inchcape has been updating every shipping agent on changes in flights and information on closed ports. The company, under CEO Olsen, has received a lot of praise due to its exceptional collection of information on ports on three time zones.

The company is indulged in cooperation from other companies to find solutions on crew change matters in the shipping industry. For example, Inchcape Company worked closely with operators and managers, which enabled them to solve complex operations in India. They were able to disembark more than 3,650 seafarers without any problem. Moreover, to solve the remaining crew problems, CEO Olsen believes it will require total collaboration from involved parties. Additionally, to solve the crew change problems it every stakeholder will have to ignore the competitor analogy. CEO Olsen believes teamwork and the spirit of human factor will see a lasting solution but only through a full commitment from managers and operators.

Inchcape Shipping Services Company embarks not only on its success but also to safety and well-being of others. They offer competitive services and their objective through CEO Frank OLSEN to create a transparent environment to win trust in customers.

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