How to Check Status of Company Incorporation in India

There are generally two ways to learn the status of any company at any stage of company formation in India. The first method uses the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal to look for the Master Data. You can access this Master Data through the MCA Services tab. 

The other way of checking the status of company incorporation is to use the Corporate Identity Number (CIN). The CIN is also used online, as an alternative to supplying the company name, in the MCA portal. Take note that you should have the correct company name and the CIN ready before you enter the portal. This should be easy if you are the one processing the company incorporation. You may also be asked to register with the MCA portal before you can access any data there.

Details to Look for When Analyzing Status of Company Incorporation in India

The MCA is actually an organized system which is great if you’re new to company incorporation. The system may give you important information about a company being incorporated, or a company that has already been incorporated. Here are the types of data that you can access:

  • Company Name
  • CIN
  • Registration Number at the Registrar of Companies
  • Class (meaning the company is either private or public)
  • Authorized Capital of the Company
  • Paid-Up Capital of the Company
  • Date of Incorporation
  • The email address of the company
  • The registered address of the company
  • Latest Annual General Meeting
  • Balance Sheet date

However, the public will be asked to pay a fee before they get to view any documents. This means having only three hours to view the documents of the company in question on the MCA portal.

If you are confused about the above process, you can contact a corporate service provider or an accounting firm in India.

How to Check Status of Company Incorporation And Other Important Data

You might also be interested to know about other details regarding that company you are researching about. For example, you might need to know if the company has any “charges” which indicates when it has taken out a bank loan. The portal will also allow you to check on the signatory details of the company such as:

  • DIN numbers
  • Names of company directors
  • Addresses of any directors of the company
  • Designation of any director
  • Date of appointment of any director
  • Status of digital signature

In addition, the company’s tax statements can also be viewed online at the MCA portal. 


As you can see, it’s easy to learn how to check status of company incorporation if you are authorized. The government of India is really interested in making the incorporation process easier to use by investors. It’s actually a simple process once you familiarize yourself with the portal. Those who are a bit confused by the process may tap 3E ACCOUNTING INDIA for guidance in this. You can also contact them if you need additional business services (such as accounting, auditing and taxation services, among others.

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