How To Properly Hire an Employee and Avoid High Turnover Rates

5 Easy Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

When you’re ready to grow your business and hire new employees, you want to ensure that you are employing the right people for the job. The best way to do that is to ensure that your company has an effective hiring program in place. Here are the steps you should take to find the best employees.

Conduct a Successful Interview

When you conduct an interview, you want to ask pointed questions to do your best to get to know the candidate and learn about their previous work experience. You also want to take the time to explain in detail information about your company and what you do, so the applicant can decide for themselves if the job is right for them. It’s also helpful to clarify the candidate’s availability and ensure that they can work the hours necessary for the position.

If possible, have another manager or supervisor in the interview with you. They might have noticed something about the person you didn’t.

Get a Background Check

Before you hire someone, it’s always best to conduct a background check on them. Background checks will show you if the applicant has a problematic past, such as trouble with law enforcement. In addition, if your business regularly handles large amounts of money, consider giving the potential employee a credit check for employment to see how they manage their finances.

Contact References

Ensure that you ask for references on your applications and always follow up on them. Professional references are always preferred over personal ones. If someone can’t provide references, find out why. If they have no reason why they don’t have references, that could be a red flag of poor previous job performances. 

Give Employee a Skills Test

A verbal interview alone is not enough to assess a candidate’s skills properly. Challenge your applicants by giving them a skills assessment. A skills test contains questions related to the role that the applicant is applying for. This test will help you see where they stand in their knowledge and ability to perform their duties.

Put the Applicant Through a Paid Trial

Last, allow the potential employee to be part of a paid trial to see if they are the right fit. Most paid trials are 90 days. The 90 days give you plenty of time to assess the employee and see how they fit into the company and do the job. 

Hiring a new employee has never been easier! Follow these steps to ensure that you’re getting the best employee for your business.

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