How to Select the Best Bitcoin Mixer

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With the fact that Bitcoin is not truly anonymous, people strive to get the use of the top reliable services. This can guarantee the safety of their personal data and money. Still, it is not that easy to select the best bitcoin mixer, like BitMix, without a thorough review of attainable propositions. This means you have to look closely at what the service suggests and its reviews, consider all the details and make the beneficial choice with ease.


Reputation is what you pay attention to from the very beginning. Look through the reviews the platform has, reed feedback and comments in different sources, and make your own conclusion. Mind that the top popular or the most expensive program is not sure the best one. On the contrary, free or very cheap services can easily turn out to be a scam or a trap. So, select something in the middle and with a decent reputation.

Level of Anonymity

The level of anonymity is what really matters. This is the reason you are to use the services. If the program doesn’t give any guarantees about the high anonymity level, what’s the point of using it? Many services have a variable anonymity level. As in Bitmix, the higher the fees and the longer the mixing operation takes, the better the anonymity is.


‘Bare’ service with high fees is not a very good option. It is preferable that the service comes along with additional features to guarantee a high-quality experience. For example, BitMix allows you to adjust fees and delay time, randomize output addresses, check order status, and get a Letter of Guarantee to be sure about the quality of services you receive.


Fees also matter. Go for an average price range. There is neither need to spend all the money on exaggerated prices nor advised to go for cheap or free programs which can be scams.


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