How to Start a Successful Laundromat Business

Since there is a constant need for laundromat services, the laundry industry can be a lucrative business to invest in. But what do you need besides laundry equipment like Continental Girbau for you to launch a laundry business of your own? Well, this guide can help point you in the right direction. There are lots to be done and many decisions to make, so let’s dive right in.

Carry Out Market Research

Carrying out market research before you start this venture can prove to be an effective way to ensure there’s a demand for commercial washer services in your area. Doing market research helps you find out how customers are bound to respond to your laundry business.

Write a Business Plan

Having a business plan is a crucial part of any business idea. This is important even when you’re not planning to get venture capital or a bank loan for your business. Realize that a business plan helps give you a better grasp of the market.

To get started, you should start your business plan by listing the services you will be providing. Do you plan to provide specialized cleaning services like ironing or dry cleaning? Will you be delivering laundry back to your customers?

Also, detail your pricing, marketing plans, and supplies you’ll require, like vending machines, detergent, folding tables, and washers and dryers like Continental Girbau.

Find a Suitable Location

Pick a location that is accessible and is populated by your targeted clientele. Rent a store near apartment buildings so you can reach customers who don’t own laundry machines. Also, avoid setting up a laundry store near your competition. And where possible, choose a location that has off-street parking for customer convenience.

Identify Your Target Market

Another crucial step is to determine the target market you’ll be focusing on. As you write your business plan and building up your ideas, identify who your target customer will be. When it comes to a laundromat business, your target customer is not limited, and this can range from elderly clients who cannot do their washing by themselves, to students who don’t own a washer and dryer, to working moms who have little time do their family’s laundry at home.

Determining your target market is key when it concerns marketing your business

Get the Necessary Equipment

Depending on the type of laundry business you end up starting, buy laundry carts, washers, dryers, detergent vending machines, coin machines to suit your business needs. Also buying top-load washers can help save you money.

Consider getting a card system over a change machine since cards can monitor the number of loads each customer has done. Plus it allows you to adjust your prices easily.

Market Your Laundry Business

To attract more customers, advertise locally, and remember to include a list of services you offer. Also, consider offering coupons to new clients. Another aspect of marketing is you differentiate your laundry stores from the competition by highlighting your specialized services and perks like free wireless internet, televisions, and couches. Also, place ads in online papers or print and hang flyers on local bulletin boards.


There are more steps beyond the ones discussed above, but doing the initial work will set in you on the right path to start and build your business successfully.

The core decisions you’ve made and written in your laundry business plan should be followed by the action taken to establish your business. This will help make up the foundation on which you’ll build upon for years to come.

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