The immediate steps after a car accident typically involve reporting the incident to the police and initiating a claim with your insurance company, as well as the insurance company of the driver at fault. These actions set the stage for receiving compensation to cover medical expenses, recoup lost wages, and offset other losses caused by the accident. A Tucson auto accident attorney can provide invaluable assistance in securing the claim amount you deserve. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the process of insurance claims following a car accident in Tucson. If you’re in need of guidance or assistance during this often complex process, you can get help here.

First party claims and third party claims

First-party claims are filed with your own insurance company, while the third-party claims are the ones made to the insurance company of the driver at fault. This type of claim depends on the accident, insurance coverage, and the party at fault for the accident.

The Insurance Claim Process

It is advisable to inform your insurance company at the earliest after the accident, even if you were not at fault, and file for the claim. The insurance company will do an open investigation of your claim. The insurance company will ask you to submit the photos of the accident scene, the name of the witnesses, and the investigating officer details. After evaluating all the things, the company will calculate the value of the claim and issue a check.

Denial of Claims 

The insurance company doesn’t need to accept your claim; the company can also deny the claim saying that the accident you were involved in does not fall under the insurance plan. If your claim gets rejected, the company will notify you. You can then file an appeal against the company’s decision. If you have any doubts regarding the appeal process, you can consult an attorney.

Calculating the Value of the Insurance Claim

The calculation part is usually straightforward. Medical bills, lost wages, and other non-monetary losses get added, and the insurance companies have developed a damages formula. According to this formula, the value of the insurance claim gets calculated, and a check is issued.

Filling an insurance claim after an accident

If your insurance claim gets denied or the claim amount offered by the company is inadequate. You can always seek professional help. An attorney will guide you through the filling of the claim process and will also calculate your losses.


Insurance claims can be complicated to claim, but the amount helps you solve your problems better. In case of a car accident, try to file your claim at the earliest with or without a lawyer.