Kavan Choksi – Digital Transformation for Fintech and Banks

Thanks to the advent of digital transformation, banks, and fintech companies are happy with their customer reactions. Today, banking has become a fun, hassle-free, and rewarding experience for people across the world.

カヴァン・チョクシ is an esteemed entrepreneurfond of technology, business, and photography. According to him, the globe is witnessing a massive digital revolution. People are leading smarter lives than in the past.

Services and products in the banking sector have evolved, and digital transformation has changed the way people do banking these days.

Saving time and money

In the past, banking was a very tedious and complex process; however, things have become faster today because of digital technology. Today, people just need to log onto the banking website and carry out the transactions they want. They can deposit money, take loans, create fixed deposits, pay their EMIs, and do much more in just a few seconds.

Back in the day, banking tasks should take many hours to execute, and customers had to wait. Now, things are being completed in just a few seconds, saving a lot of time and money in the process. Customers no longer have to spend a duration of time waiting for the bank to process their transaction requests, and this makes them happy.

The advent of neo-bank and fintech entities

Digital transformation has also led to the emergence of neo-banks and fintech entities, though the latter was established to compete and replace banks initially. However, with the passage of time, this stiff competition changed into collaboration. Banks had to adjust to the change as they realized customers wanted a seamless experience, and opting for digital technology was the only way to satisfy them.

The pros of digital banking for customers

Digital banking emerged after banks reached out to fintech services for the task. The results have been an outstanding success for both entities today. Customers are happy as they have a complete suite of banking services at their disposal today. They no longer have to waste time waiting in long queues at the bank. They get everything they need at the click of a fingertip.

Massive growth and expansion

According to カヴァン・チョクシ, this collaboration between banks is today leading to a massive expansion in the industry. Banks have become better and more agile in their operations, and they are able to respond to the shifting needs of their customers faster. They today have finely embedded their fintech partner solutions into their programs. This step has helped them to reduce costs and capital investments. At the same time, there are no software development risks either.

Fintech benefits from this partnership as they get a very big client base. With the association of banks, they have been able to establish credibility for their entities in their customers. This trust helps them to grow and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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