Look for the Best Choices for taking Proper care of Your Garden

Do you also enjoy a beautiful and cozy garden? Do you just have little time to maintain and tidy your garden? Then we have 5 tips for you for a low-maintenance garden. If you want a maintenance-friendly front garden or backyard, it is wise to take this into account in the garden design and construction. Nevertheless, we also have some tips for existing gardens.

Low maintenance plants for the garden

A garden without plants is not a garden and therefore plants should not be missing in a low-maintenance garden. We recommend choosing ground cover plants such as the Golden strawberry (Waldsteinia ternata), Geranium Rozanne, Periwinkle (Vinca minor) and Pachysandra. With these flowers you only need to weed occasionally during the first year, because after a year to a year and a half the soil is nicely covered. Ornamental grasses also require little maintenance and are very beautiful when planted in large groups. Ornamental grasses are beautiful in the summer, but can also provide beautiful winter silhouettes in your garden in the winter. You will also be needing the topsoil spreader  in this case.

Planters in the garden

With beautiful, large planters you can add color and atmosphere to your garden without much effort. If you fill it with evergreen ornamental grasses, you will not only have low maintenance, but also color in the garden in the winter. In addition, planters give a beautiful, exclusive look to a maintenance-free garden. Do you want to grow your own vegetables or herbs? Even then, planters are ideal and you have relatively little maintenance. Planters come in different materials, shapes and sizes and more information can be found on online planters’ page.

Paving and tiles for a low maintenance garden

Which pavement should you choose for a low maintenance garden? Currently, ceramic tiles are the most low-maintenance paving for gardens. Ceramic tiles are baked and therefore have a rock-hard surface so that algae growth does not adhere to the tile. This makes scrubbing hardly necessary. In addition, experts recommend filling the joints with a 2-component joint compound so that weeds do not stand a chance. 2-component grout also works well to prevent ants. Finally, it is recommended opting for large tiles, so that you have fewer joints to keep clean.

Maintenance-friendly partition

If you want a wooden fence in your garden, it is best to choose hardwood. Hardwood is maintenance-friendly and has a long lifespan (20 to 25 years). If you prefer a green fence, then a Hedera hedge is recommended. The Hedera is ivy that you can easily keep narrow. The Hedera also gives a beautiful, green appearance to a low-maintenance backyard or front garden. If you want to make the whole thing more playful, you can opt for a combination of wood and greenery. Platoflex walls are a third, easy-to-maintain garden partition. These trendy walls can be installed in an instant, protect against wind and immediately give your garden atmosphere.

Lighting in your garden

With garden lighting you can sit outside for a long time on hot days. Garden lighting also brings extra atmosphere to your garden. For a low-maintenance garden, we recommend economical LED spots for illuminating beautiful solitary trees, shrubs or other elements in your garden. By choosing 12 Volt LED lighting you have no chance of a short circuit. You can also choose that the LED lighting switches on automatically when it gets dark and you can set the number of burning hours.

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