Measures To Avoid Distractions While Driving 

Nine people die every day, and around a thousand injuries occur in the US as a result of distracted driving. Nearly everyone is guilty of being distracted a few times while driving. While it may not be possible to eliminate the chances of distraction completely, you should take measures to avoid it as much as you can. 

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Measures to avoid distractions while driving 


  • Do not multitask. 


When you are handling a vehicle on the road, the only thing you should be focusing on is driving. Do not eat, check your text messages or speak on the phone while driving. Do not let anything divert your mind away from the road. If there is an emergency, stop your car and then use your phone if needed. 


  • Store loose gears properly. 


Do not store your loose possessions in a way that they roll around in your car while driving. If these objects fall from the seat, you may be tempted to reach them and pick them up. Reaching for these items can be catastrophic as you will likely have to move your eyes away from the road. 


  • Pull up if you are drowsy. 


Sleepy drivers constitute a major percentage of car crashes, especially at night. Falling asleep on the steering wheel or closing your eyes even for a few seconds can be fatal. Ask your friend to drive if you are sleepy or stop your car to take a nap for 30 minutes. 


  • Do not eat or drink.


If you get hungry or thirsty while driving, make sure to stop your car at one side of the road. Do not eat or drink simultaneously while driving as it can be a distraction. You can also try eating before or after your trips to avoid feeling hungry during the drive. 


  • Make adjustments beforehand. 


Adjust your seats, mirrors, seat belts, sound systems, and climate controls before you hit the road. Make sure to decide which route you will be taking and check the traffic conditions ahead of time. 


  • Limit passenger activity inside the car. 


You should try to limit the number of passengers in your car as much as possible. Driving with friends or even family members can create distractions for you. You may be joining in on their conversation and slowly drifting your mind away from the road without even knowing it. 


  • Keep your eyes on the road. 


Shifting your eyes away from the road for even a second can be catastrophic. Drivers, usually when they visit a new place, divert their eyes from the road to look at the new things, such as cool buildings or billboards. This should be avoided. 

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