Picture Printed On Socks – How is it done and how to get one online?

One of the trends that are getting popular nowadays is to wearsomething cool and of course, we would love to do the same to show our support. So as trend enthusiasts we start putting on stuff having our picture printed on socks which we find cute and interesting, then showing it to everybody with pride. I guess that’s not all because there are individuals out there who are not only aiming at wearing a pair but to collect and learn how to do such artistic garments.

Picking the right picture alone will already buy some of your time and more will be spent on the editing, lay-outing, and choosing a theme to name a few. These are the things that you have to deal with when working on such a project and these are just the basics because you will need to choose a high-quality fabric, too. Let’s say that you are just preparing the materials here and have not yet decided how you are going to print it out on the fabric.

Since socks with printed photos are quite popular today, we cannot stop finding ways on how to do it at home and that is where our creativity and imaginative skills enter. Well, some of us are curious as to how it is printed so we try to find the materials and buy our equipment but is it practical when ordering from the experts would be easier? What matters now is to learn how artists make it because you need to have the skills, patience, and right equipment to come up with an amazing pair.


This is a process where heating is involved so if your kids would like to deal with this type, you should set your eyes on them and assist them to avoid accidents in the future. You will use special paper and heat it to transfer the picture on the socks where the temperature will range from 350 – 400 degrees which is usually measured in Fahrenheit. Let’s say that the image from the transfer paper will turn as a gas and then it will permeate into the fabric – visit continue reading.

This will always last long and of good quality as long as done right. The image will surely be transferred as if it was real. Therefore, you have to make sure that the fabric used would be of high-quality with 95% polyester and mixed with 5% spandex because this will make it more durable.

Direct To Garment

Another way to print images on the garment would be the DTG. The output will depend on the quality of the materials used, especially the ink. Here, you have to perform the process of soaking up the ink.

You are going to transfer or print the photos directly to the fabric. The garment that you may use would be a combination of various materials, such as cotton, recycled polyester, nylon, and elastane.

This one will require more of your skills and stability as well. You have to use specialized ink that is made for the type of fabric used.

How to Get One Online

Designing your socks with photos and captions would be a great way to kill time and explore your skills, too. This could also turn into a habit and then you may have a great collection in the future. Now, when you have mastered the technique, you may even think about opening your shop to sell them but individuals whose time is not flexible may also order beautifully crafted garments online.

Shops are offering these kinds of services online, too. So all you need is to search for the nearest shop or visit their official website to place your order. However, you have to prepare the pictures that you need because you are going to send them.

When you are already on the site, you will choose the theme, placement of pictures, type of printing available, size, and type of socks – go here to find your size. After that, you will just need to wait for the delivery. The process is just that simple that’s why a lot of people prefer to order online and they have no time for the sublimation and DTG processes so make sure to get them from reliable shops.

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