Physical security of businesses premises can be managed effectively with security cameras, proactive systems and products. Many companies have come up with effective platforms that even allow companies to control these on-premise security devices and cameras. What about cybersecurity? Companies across different industries and niches have lost millions because of cyberattacks and security breaches, and damage control and further investigation can be costly to say the least. It is possible to prevent a security breach by adopting the right cybersecurity practices. In this post, we are sharing a few guidelines that every company needs to follow.

  1. Update your firmware and software. Manufacturers of various software programs and firmware are constantly taking steps to improve security and remove bugs, and for a company, the most essential step is to keep such programs updated.
  2. Check password security. Most security breaches are related to password hacking. Employees and managers should be asked to set passwords that are complex, at least 8 characters long, and must include number, alphabets and special characters.
  3. Create accountability. Every business needs to make employees accountable for their passwords, usernames and accounts. This just ensures that people within the organization will follow the password security measures as recommended.
  4. Log all details. Always keep a record of every transaction on every app for every single day. Cybersecurity is also about learning, and for that, you need data. Ensure that records are maintained in a transparent manner.
  5. Rely on firewall apps. Using firewall apps and programs between IT & network assets and the Internet is a great way of preventing hacking and breach attempts. Reduce access to network assets and make sure that all notifications are enabled, so that the management is aware of possible cyberattacks.

Other aspects to consider

While the basic cybersecurity practices remain the same, companies have to find means and ways of enhancing their approach to managing various risks. Certain cybersecurity risks are specific to certain industries, and learning lessons from others is the best way to reduce losses and prevent mistakes. If your company hasn’t yet defined cybersecurity practices and a comprehensive policy for the matter, you should consider seeking help. Simple use of firewalls, password management tools and other software programs can make a big difference to your stance towards cybersecurity, and maintaining a proactive approach is the best step forward.

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