Read This to Find a Few Local SEO Solutions for Your Site

12 Proven Local SEO Tips to Dominate the SERPs and Map Pack

If you have a certain business that will only be meant for the local community in your area, then local SEO will increase your search visibility directly within the local communities.

These days, various techniques are employed to improve the local SEO by optimizing your website for all location-specific queries and also setting up the Google My Business page. You may hire a professional company that can manage all your SEO needs as this is a very specialized type of job.

Here in this article, we will provide you a few tips to ensure that your site will be more visible to all online users.

1.    Create and optimize your Google My Business account

  • Create your Google My Business account
  • In your business description, you must include your main keywords and also your area of operation
  • Chose suitable category
  • Ensure all details match with your website content

2.    Do proper local keyword research to optimize your content

  • Select locally relevant keywords to include in your URL, metadata, and body text.
  • Optimize your website content specific to your area.
  • Create more backlinks to your most relevant pages.

3.    Identify your keywords to track your positions

  • Properly track your identified keywords
  • Use a position tracking tool to track and also compare multiple geographic locations/devices
  • Track a minimum of 5 specific keywords.

4.    Local link building

  • Talk to other known businesses in your area and share with them your link to create backlinks
  • Using the link-building tool you can get a list of many other businesses operating in your area to share your link.

5.    Enlist your business to all online business directories

Optimized store landing pages: An important part of local search strategy

Find out all popular online business directories and enlist your business details. Ensure that all info must be consistent and relevant.

6.    Build your presence on social media

Social media also offers a great platform so that it can help in improving your online presence. Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkdin, etc., and create your profile.

7.    Interact with all your customers online

You must also interact online with your customers through social media and keep them updated with the latest new developments in your business to generate more interest. Your customers can also get a quote from you through this media.

8.    Actively manage all reviews and ratings

You may get both positive and negative reviews online however, you must engage with that customer who offer a negative review and try to address their issues.

9.    Use geofencing advertising

You may also use geofencing, which is not only a hyper-local but also an ultra-efficient advertising technique to trigger your advertisements on any mobile device that will enter/leave that area.

10.Optimize also for voice search

Voice search is also another way most customers try to find various businesses. Your website must also be optimized for voice search.

11.Regularly audit your website health

Make sure that all your details online are consistent and updated. You need to do an audit on time to time basis.

Besides doing all the above, you can also improve upon your SEO by publishing blogs related to your business on high traffic websites.

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