Talkspace Announces Demi Lovato As A New Mental Health Awareness Partner

Talkspace is a platform that aims to offer HIPAA-compliant therapy and make it available for all people by providing access to licensed therapists that can help people in need from anywhere and at any time. With Talkspace, one can send text messages, audio messages as well as have live video sessions with their therapist making it a very convenient platform for everyone. The goal is to provide people with access to mental health services by addressing barriers such as cost, stigma, and access.

Talkspace has announced the singer, songwriter, and global leader in digital behavioral health, Demi Lovato as their Mental Health spokesperson. This partnership is aimed at encouraging people to prioritize their mental health and to help those struggling with access to care from licensed therapists and psychiatrists during this unusual time in the world. They will kick-off social and media campaigns in September.

Demi Lovato says she is honored to join the Talkspace family in the spirited march of making mental health care more accessible and destigmatize the notion around mental health. She also claims that it’s important to use her voice in a meaningful way despite her journey to advocacy being difficult. However, this opportunity will provide her a chance to reach out to people who strain to gain access to helpful resources.

Talkspace CEO Oren Frank spoke saying that Talkspace is aimed at reducing and eventually removing the stigma around therapy by speaking candidly about mental health. He also praises Demi Lovato’s strong advocacy and support of mental health and treatment. Through her commitment and courage to speak up for people and herself, Demi had proven to be the perfect fit for their Mental Health Spokesperson. The organization will work closely with her to bring about change in the care and perception of mental well-being as well as access to it.

This collaboration is in sync with Lovato’s personal connection to mental health care and advocacy and she is known to use her voice to highlight mental health on several platforms. Talkspace and Lovato aim to expand access options to people given that over half of the population in the U.S. is battling negative mental health effects of the pandemic.

According to the latest KFF Health Tracking Polls, the majority of the population have experienced job losses or have taken pay cuts due to the coronavirus outbreak. Many people have fallen behind in bills and cannot afford household expenses such as food or basic health insurance. As a result, 56% of the population has experienced at least one negative effect on their mental health due to stress and worry. Moreover, two-thirds of people with a known mental illness are not seeking treatment despite its availability. WHO points out that this is caused by stigma and discrimination that comes along with seeking mental health therefore there is a need to create awareness in care options.

Talkspace has been able to connect people to thousands of licensed therapists and psychiatrists through a user-friendly web and mobile platforms. The organization is HIPAA-compliant assuring people of doctor-patient confidentiality as per the usual form of in-office therapy. According to the numbers stated above, therapy is needed much more during these times thus Talkspace matches its clients to the therapist within 24 hours. This enables the client to engage with their therapists through live video sessions, text, video, and voice messages from anywhere and at any time. The range of clinical options available at Talkspace is wide enough such that it accommodates anxiety, depression, recovery from trauma, adolescent, and even couples’ therapy.

Talkspace has been started a number of initiatives that target the increasing need for therapy solutions. These include the 2,100 free months of therapy to medical workers who fight this pandemic with no fail. Therefore, the frontline medical workers can access a free month of online therapy through Talkspace Unlimited Messaging Plan available on Google Play or App Store or website. In addition, free tools have been opened by Talkspace to provide guidance and support groups that are therapy-led and an Instagram account where questions related to COVID-19 are answered on the Instagram stories and many other ways to access mental health care.

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