Team Building Objectives: Questions You Should Ask

This might not be common knowledge but the work culture and environment are two huge factors that can affect an employee’s decision to stay or quit. Another key factor is their relationship with their co-workers and bosses. One way to gain more insights into your employees would be through team building activities.

Employees are so much more than their job descriptions and titles so it pays to get to know them better so they would feel valued. This is where a good team building company can help. They can help create fun activities that are not only fun but can also help establish strong ties and connections among employees.

If you are considering hosting a team building activity for your company, below are some of the key questions your team building company will likely ask:

What is your primary goal or objective?

Is your goal a short-term one like introducing a new member to the team? Or is it a long-term one like improving the team’s overall communication networks? Other likely objectives can include creating avenues for breakthrough and innovative ideas, promoting company values, and encouraging entrepreneurship.

Whatever your team building goals or objectives may be, you need to discuss it with your team and the chosen team building company so you will gain more insights into other important aspects you need to cover. It would also be best to determine the most important issue and find out how you can resolve it through team building.

Is the team building activity just for fun?

Having a fun team building activity is just as important as any team building objective. Icebreakers and energizer games are especially important at functions like gala dinners and conferences where the participants have to sit down for a long period. They are also ideal for networking opportunities and for breaking down barriers.

Having fun is important if your team wants to:

  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Resolve difficult issues and conflicts
  • Attract the best talents
  • Enhance employee loyalty, creativity, satisfaction, and problem-solving
  • Improve teamwork
  • Build customer relationships
  • Boost employee motivation and morale

What budget will guarantee a return on investment (ROI)?

Since the effects of team building are tricky to quantify, it can be difficult to determine a budget for your team-building event. Typically, the longer and larger the team event, the bigger the budget. This is important so each member of the team will feel personally recognized during the team building activity.

Some events are designed especially for large teams and these can include energizers, icebreakers, rhythm and music events. Your chosen team building company can help pull off a team building event that can achieve your objectives. Inform them about your budget so they can also provide some recommendations.

What is the team’s experience with team building?

Are you received by groans and moans when you suggest a team building activity? Do members of your team imagine a day of boring trust falls or an amazing and fun day full of bonding and adventure? Before planning a team building activity, it would be best to first get a feel of where your team is at.

You can also conduct an anonymous survey about how team members feel about having a team building activity and use the results to determine how you should move forward. If your team is not open to the idea of having a team building event, consider business simulations or training style events.

Final Thoughts

Team building activities should be insightful and fun that can impact your company positively in the long term. If you want to build a robust and successful company, a team building program should be built into your company backbone.

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