Teams Won’t Operate Without Big Time Involvement Of The Startup Founder

After you, one of the entrepreneurs, have successfully gone through the entire process of company incorporation in Hong Kong, you are immediately facing other problems for your business. The problems may include setting up an office, hiring the right key staffs to work with you for at least the next five years, etc. During the very initial stage of your startup you may simply work with your co-founding members (or other key co-founders) of your business. But soon you will find your startup having a team of professionals who you need to spend some time with every day.

Many teams these days are not operating at their most efficient and collaborative level. This often contributes to big loss in productivity, missed revenue opportunities (in your target market whether it is HK, mainland China, or elsewhere in the world). When this keeps happening, in the end it may show up as a decrease in customer satisfaction. Your entire company suffers as a result. But what are the better approaches for teams to share, learn, and work together more efficiently?

A team may need a space that is shared. The space may be a hub for the storage (and update) of all the information your team needs for turning ideas into actions. This translates into moving some projects forward. The shared space should always allow your team to create a project, team, topic, etc, and annotate with notes, attach documents, PDFs, images, audio files, or more. This type of sharing method can often get everyone (in your team) on the same page.

The next operational tasks for the entrepreneur is to build transparency within the teams and members in the company. Often it is way too easy to get caught up in the heads-down grind of our own work without considering other persons in the team. When everyone tends to only share polished products, it is going to lead to other big issues. Start with sharing it all – Start with yourself. A good example is to try sharing the work-in-progress or status updates. You must learn and encourage your team to have an habit to share what is going on, even when things are not going particularly well at any stage of a project.

Collaboration is never easy. But you can make it easier. By taking small steps to improve communication and transparency, you can definitely improve teamwork for everyone who has been involved. You, or you should assign a person to always remind other people to share.

Also, the next sharing is to share for the future. When the current status is that everything within your team has been communicated and documented, your team members will be able to operate more smoothly. The documented information will become a big help to the co-workers who are still to join your company or team in the future.

After all, it is not that you should simply open a company and let it run by itself. It won’t operate without your own involvement. It takes a large amount of time to build a company and the teams, whether the team members are sitting in your Hong Kong based office, or working remotely from elsewhere.



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