Top Lockdown Working Tips For Employees In Regulated Sectors 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a newly discovered infectious time tracking for remote employees  disease that is known to target the respiratory system. It was first uncovered in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. In a few months, it spread across the world. By the end of June 2020, the confirmed cases had risen to more than 10 millionworldwide, with over half a million losing their lives.

As the pandemic continues to evolve every day, COVID-19 presents effects that go beyond the alarming health crisis that we had to grapple with. The outbreak also had severe social and economic consequences globally. 

At this time, no vaccine or treatment is discovered for coronavirus. As a result, all affected countries imposed safety measures such as quarantine, lockdowns, and self-isolation to prevent the virus from spreading. However, this resulted in issues such as supply shortages, business closures, and job losses.

The companies that were allowed to stay in business got their employees to work from home, which created new problems among remote workers. One of the most common issues for working from home is cabin fever. 

Many also have to rely more on apps like WhatsApp, adapt to new workflows, and navigate a workday full of video meetings and digital chats.Regulated entities in the financial and government sectors have to watch out for compliance concerns posed by a work from home setup, particularly in areas of call monitoring compliance and data security. 

This infographic of Telemessage gives a few tips on how remote workers can cope with the new normal while still being productive. 


Top Lockdown Working Tips for Employees in Regulated Sectors-01

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