Types Of Injury Benefit Programs

Many people sustain injuries in some way or the other. Electric shocks, accidents, slip and fall incidents, etc are the most common reasons for such injuries. To compensate for injuries, the law allows access to injury benefit programs such as These plans pay medical expenses for bodily wounds. They also provide funds for temporary, partial, and permanent disability as the case may be.

Types of injury benefit programs and their scope

As a victim, you may want to know the various options after sustaining severe injuries. Getting familiar with the available options gives you peace of mind. Also, it lets you know the scope and amount of compensation you may receive after getting injured. Here are the common injury benefit plans.

Workers compensation plan

It’s one of the most popular injury benefit programs available to workers. Usually, employers have this insurance plan to cover themselves against workers’ injury claims. Any worker that gets injured at the workplace is entitled to get compensated under this plan. Workers receive compensation for temporary, partial, or total disability depending on the severity of their wounds.

Plus, they get monetary compensation to clear their medical expenses. Not just that, they get reimbursed for work absenteeism due to injuries. The only condition is you should sustain injuries at your workplace. If you get injured outside the workplace, you won’t receive any compensation from this plan.

Social security disability benefits

Many people aren’t aware of the benefits stemming from the social security (SS) program. The program is meant to offer particular benefits to US workers. The amount of benefits depends on the number of years served in employment. Workers may seek disability benefits during their work tenure or after retiring from work.

Even the dependants of workers can seek benefits from the plan. When the injured worker dies, his wife and children enjoy death benefits from the SS program. During the worker’s life, dependants receive benefits for partial or temporary disability. This is why each US worker carries his SS card all the time.

Slip and fall benefits

Some people incur injuries due to a slip and fall incident at someone’s place. The injured may seek compensation from the property owner for medical expenses and sufferings. The victim should collect the pictures of his injuries, medical report, and witnesses (if any). If the defaulter denies compensation, the victim may file a suit in the court and seek a personal injury claim.

Accident insurance

Today, insurance has become a necessity. You’ll hardly come across a person that doesn’t buy any insurance. While home insurance and auto coverage are commonly bought policies, accident insurance is also gaining popularity. You pay insurance premiums and the policy covers you against injuries. The premium amount and the sum insured depends on the extent of coverage and the type of policy you choose.

Bottom line

Various types of injury benefit programs exist. It’s best to access all possible programs to enjoy the maximum perks. With so many programs by your side, battling bodily injuries gets easier.

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