Using the Enneagram to Understand Your Employees’ Motivations

If you’ve worked with a team of people, you know the issues that can arise. If you’ve ever been in charge of leading and motivating a team, you’ve no doubt been baffled by how challenging it can be to get through to some people. As Eyal Gutentag highlights, “It’s far more about who they are, how they’re wired and how they solve problems.” The Enneagram, a personality test broken up by nine different numbers, does an excellent job of explaining just that. Here are the descriptions of each type.

1- The Reformer

The Reformer wants more than anything to be good. They are natural leaders because they are passionate about others being good too.

2- The Lover

Type two loves to help others. They aren’t entirely altruistic though, they usually expect reciprocation.

3- The Achiever

Type three wants to be the best and be seen as the best. They’re generally well dressed and groomed, and speak with directness.

4- The Individualist

Type four wants to be different. They’re the anti-establishment, creative types.

5- The Thinker

Type five, usually an introvert, loves knowledge and facts. They won’t respect decisions made off of opinions or feelings.

6- The Loyalist

The loyalist will adapt their motivations based on who they are closest to and supporting.

7- The Enthusiast

Type seven gets bored quickly and prefers adventure and new things over anything else. They avoid negativity.

8- The Challenger

Type eight is the person who speaks with confidence and will gladly address conflict.

9- The Peacemaker

The peacemaker wants everyone to be happy and will often ignore their own needs.

Once you understand the nine types, you will be able to see patterns in people’s behavior and understand who they are. If you know who they are, you will not have unrealistic expectations of them, and be able to motivate them better.

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