Video Marketing: 3 Reasons Every Manufacturer Should Use It

Still, wondering why digital marketing matters in the manufacturing industry? You are not alone. This tactic has many benefits, ranging from increasing traffic to boosting revenue. With the current noisy marketing landscape, any manufacturing business has to adopt effective marketing strategies, one of them being digital marketing.

It will help you establish your presence in the market and grow your market share. Further, it will help you get customer feedback easily.  For instance, people who use your products, whether it is car parts, computers, or food items, are online and they can give you direct feedback if there is a need to improve your products. That means you do not have to wait for the information to trickle through your supply chain network.

There are various types of digital marketing strategies, including social media marketing, guest posts, and video marketing. Below are the three reasons you have to include video marketing in manufacturing.

Video Marketing in Numbers

Before listing the benefits of video marketing, it is important we examine the available data to know the trend this type of marketing has taken.

Around 85 percent of businesses in 2020 used video marketing. That represented around a 25 percent increase from the number of businesses that used this form of marketing in 2016. Most people prefer presentation videos, sales videos, testimonial videos, and video ads. The number of individuals who own smartphones has increased recently, meaning that video marketing might become more important soon. Here are the reasons you should adopt it for your manufacturing business.

Videos Boost Conversions

Any type of business marketing you choose should help grow your brand, boost conversions,and increase profitability. Studies have proved that videos can increase conversions by over 80 percent. Manufacturing businesses that rely on video marketing manage to increase their direct sales and studies have shown that around 70 percent of people who watch explainer videos buy the product at the end. For that reason, you should think of how to create quality videos to grow the sales of your company.

Video Generates High Return on Investment

Before undertaking any marketing activity, analyze it carefully to know whether it is viable. Think about the expected returns on investment. But speaking of video marketing, studies have shown that the return on investment is tremendous. Some businesses report over 83 percent return on investment.

Even though video production requires expertise and preparation, the cost of producing quality videos is low. Actually, most of the video editing tools available online are affordable. Some people use their smartphones to create videos and share them. If you do not have the skills needed to make quality marketing videos, hire a professional to do the work.

Videos Allow Brands to Build Trust: Iskander Makhmudov

If one of your goals is to increase sales, customer trust is paramount. One of the reasons marketers use videos is to build trust and establishing long-term relationships with clients. After showing your customers how a product is made or how it works, they will start seeing you as a credible source of information.

Focus on growing your sales if you would want to grow your manufacturing business. To increase sales, choose the right marketing methods. Unlike texts, videos are more appealing and they will boost conversions and win the trust of your target audience. “Your goal should be to make your visitors part of your community through trust,” says Iskander Makhmudov, the main owner of copper producer UGMK.

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