Virginia SEO: Common SEO Misconceptions Virginia Websites Should Know About


The reason most businesses in Virginia become successful is that they continuously find ways on how to cater to the local population. With at least 8.6 million residents in Virginia, businesses need to know what they need to gain a steady stream of profits. It is why you can find successful businesses like General Dynamics, Dollar Tree, and DB Schenker, ensuring they meet most Virginia residents’ needs. There is one way that businesses in Virginia can make more profits, and that is by hiring Virginia SEO experts.

You can find many benefits when you have an SEO agency with you tending to your website. However, some companies and businesses in Virginia think SEO is a waste of time, budget, and resources. You should know the several SEO misconceptions that some believe if you do not want to miss opportunities to improve your website.

Misconception #1: You only need SEO once

Some companies and businesses think that they need to do SEO only once, which is entirely untrue. SEO is something that you do every day and is also the reason some hire Virginia SEO agencies. You need to understand that SEO should be consistent no matter what the case. There are many areas within a website that you can improve SEO-wise.

Even websites that reach high ranks in search engines would continue improving their SEO until they hit the top rank. There is never a limit for SEO unless you do not have any competitors, but that is virtually impossible with the millions of businesses with websites. Before you even hire an SEO agency in Virginia, make sure you are ready to invest your time, money, and resources to achieve exceptional SEO results.

Misconception #2: Links, links, and more links

Back then, websites in Virginia made sure that all of their content had several links that would redirect users to other areas of their website or another external site. While it may be the most effective way to improve your search engine rankings, it is not the case nowadays. Many Virginia websites fill their pages with useless, low-quality links that would not even redirect to the right page.


Once Google detects them, it can significantly lower their rankings and hurt their overall website performance. If you plan on adding links to your website, make sure they are high-quality links and do not add too much. You can even add a single link on a page, and you can get a more positive impact with it than stuffing tons of low-quality links.

Misconception #3: SEO produces fast results

Businesses in Virginia that are still new to SEO might think that they can get positive results right away after only a day. Those who believe that SEO can deliver fast results would often get disappointed and not use it anymore. You need to know that exceptional SEO results take time because of the different factors that come with it.

You may need to update your website’s entire content, replace low-quality images, and everything else. However, you can get quick results within a day if you have multiple Virginia SEO specialists working on your websites. The only downside with many SEO specialists working on your website is that it will be costly and put a large dent in your company’s budget.


Misconception #4: More keywords mean better search engine rankings

Whenever you have content writers working for your business, you need to know if they are writing high-quality content. Some companies in Virginia think that adding more keywords in one blog would help them boost their search engine rankings right away. That is not the case anymore since Google can determine if your blog has too many unnecessary keywords, which they will not consider, and lower your rank.

If you plan to write a blog for your website, you are better off adding two or three keywords for every 500 to a thousand-word article. You should also avoid placing the same keywords in a single sentence or phrase because Google will recognize it as spam. When using keywords, a good tip is to link them to a specific page within your website that gets frequent visits. You can say that it is hitting two birds with one stone.

Now that you know some of the many SEO misconceptions, you might suddenly contact an SEO agency in Virginia to help put your website at the top of search engine results. Make sure you learn more about SEO to plan out your next move in improving your website.


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