Want to Become a Website Developer? Here’s All You Need to Know

Website developers need to have technical computer and graphic design skills to create functional, secure, and attractive websites. In essence, a website developer creates, designs, and maintains eye-catching websites by incorporating graphics, videos, images, and other utilities.

Duties and Responsibilities

Generally, website developers need specific skills and abilities to the following:

  • Present design specs
  • Collaborate with clients
  • Create and test applications for websites
  • Work and collaborate with graphics and other designers
  • Maintain and update websites
  • Troubleshoot website problems
  • Monitor website traffic
  • Remain up-to-date on technology

Website developers work closely with designers and project managers to ensure that final products adhere to the predetermined scope, design, and budget. Web developers also need to show clients or employees a prototype of a website to give them a clear insight into what the finished product will look like.

Another important element of a website developer’s job is website maintenance. As new features are added (or old features are updated), web developers need to make sure the required changes are implemented smoothly and properly and will not disrupt the features of the website.

Competencies and Skills

Aside from the technical skills needed for the job, some soft skills can also be very helpful to anyone looking for a career as a website developer.


A single line of code can have a dramatic impact on the appearance and functionality of a website so website developers need to ensure no key details are missing. When troubleshooting any possible issues, they need to know what to look for and where.


Projects are not always handled one at a time so it is possible that if they need to deal with one client emergency, another project needs to be pushed to the back burner. In line with this, they need to effectively juggle many projects without missing deadlines.


Websites need to be attractive as well as functional. That said, web developers need to determine how to effectively translate the vision of clients into functional and attractive websites.

Grace under pressure

It’s common to deal with tight deadlines when updating or designing websites. Website developers need to be able to handle work pressure when dealing with several clients.

Strong eye for detail

Web developers need to have a strong eye for detail so they create what the end users want to experience and see. It is also crucial for the website developer to know how to use innovative tools that are available on the market.

Clear vision

Another skill website developers need is a clear vision so they can create what the client has in mind. They also need to have great communication skills so they can clearly communicate the client’s vision to the other members of the team.

Time management

Great and successful website developers need to be very proficient when it comes to managing their time. This is especially important when deadlines are tight. They also need to be effective problem solvers with an analytical mind and a methodical approach. Patience can also come in handy when they need to test sites and debug and troubleshoot potential website issues.

Work Environment

Web developers can have several employers in the nonprofit, corporate, and government sectors. Many also work independently for web development firms or on a contract basis.

Majority of the work is done on a computer so it is crucial that you are okay and comfortable with sitting for long periods. However, not all website development work will be done in front of the computer.

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