Have you already started with the process of divorce proceedings in Massachusetts? Now, you must be wondering about the cost of a Massachusetts divorce lawyer. When the cost of hiring a divorce lawyer comes into play, a lot of other factors need to be considered. Many of the factors play a vital role in deciding the cost of a divorce lawyer in Massachusetts. As you and your spouse decide to go for divorce, it is very common for both of you to not mutually agree on many issues. Sometimes, these issues decide the cost of a lawyer. Let’s have a look at the issues below:


One of the most common issues of conflict is the alimony pay, the amount, and the duration. As per a survey done by some experts, this issue can affect the cost and duration of divorce cases. It requires the divorce lawyer to do a lot of research on your financial situation to come up with a fair deal. 

Child Custody 

If your spouse does not agree with you over the child custody, things are going to take longer than usual. If your children are not yet grown, the conflict can turn out to be more severe. As a result, a divorce lawyer needs to try their best to reach a settlement agreement, and it affects the cost of a divorce lawyer in Massachusetts. 

Division of Property

Another most common issue of conflict is the division of property between you and your spouse. You may start fighting over how to divide the property, and also, things can be more complicated if you owe some debts together. Both of you may start fighting over who will pay off the debts, and with such disagreements, the cost of a divorce lawyer will be affected. 

All the factors mentioned above play a very important role in deciding how much time your lawyer needs to give to reach a final settlement. If you are continuously involved in conflicts regarding every issue, you may take more time to end things, so the cost of a lawyer will increase. To help you reach a desirable outcome, your lawyer will have to spend more resources, effort, and time, and therefore, the cost will be on the higher side. However, whatever the cost may be, ensure that you are getting the best legal services.